One Rainy Weekend in January

I’m stepping away from the Ark Project for a moment to report on Helen Margaret Wyatt.

Current skills include:

1 – Grabbing anything within reach, including (but not limited to): toys, hair, small pets.

2 – “Army crawling” across the living room floor (dragging herself by her arms) to the small (but apparently quite tempting) lights on the Tivo.

3 – Endearing herself to the public at large. Smiling at anyone – in the grocery store, at restaurants and at daycare.

4 – Eating solid food in her new high chair, and learning how to put it everywhere except her mouth.

5 – Waking up at 12:30 am and speaking directly into the monitor. No crying, just lots of baby talk. At TWELVE-THIRTY IN THE MORNING.

She has not yet learned how to:
1 – grow teeth.
2 – eat peas.

I think we’ve got our priorities straight.

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